CLEARPAC is a Political Action Committee created in 1988.  This Political Action Committee was created to support pro-business candidates and to promote issues which impact the business community. Therefore, CLEARPAC works to ensure the election of business-minded candidates to state and local office.  This PAC also will serve as an endorsement board for those individuals who personify what the business community stands for. 

This Political Action Committee is a volunteer, non-partisan political action group with membership open to all Chamber members. Its creation as an organization separate from the Chamber is meant to help your company succeed in supporting and passing legislation compatible while achieving the goals of your business.

As a result of being a CLEARPAC member, you join other goal-driven business leaders with dedication to ensure that the best possible candidates are elected. Consequently, these leaders also ensure that business interests are well represented. You will also have:

  • A unique opportunity to have a direct impact on the outcome of elections.
  • The ability to help identify issues that have a lasting impact on the business community.
  • Most of all, a chance to be a vital part of the political process at a fraction of the cost!

The minimum annual fee for CLEARPAC membership is $20.  In conclusion, we encourage you to contribute more as our strength and potential for impact are especially relevant and can only be achieved with your support.

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