"Women Sharing Wisdom"

To meet the demand of businesswomen in the Clearwater region, AchieveHERs was established under the auspice of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce to be a regional leader providing camaraderie, support, networking opportunities and valuable new insights to women in business.

AchieveHERs will provide impactful quarterly events that share insight, ideas, skills and success stories to ultimately help women overcome obstacles to their success.

AchieveHERs is open to both established women in business and those aspiring to lead.


Next Event:

*Part 2 of our Women Sharing Wisdom Series, this panel will dive into the topic of "Secrets We Don't Share" including topics such as mental health and domestic violence and offers guidance whether coping yourself or aiding a family or friend.*

Please see our Events calendar for a listing of all upcoming AchieveHERS events.


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4 days ago
Pregnant and in power: Meet New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern via @NBCNews
2 weeks ago
This article gives an insight to what our upcoming event is about. We promise you will leave with a positive outcome & resources where to find help.


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