Transportation Funding  - Support adequate State funding for transportation projects. Also support sustaining multimodal infrastructure funding for projects that enhance regional mobility.

Regional Transportation Authority - Support regional cooperation for transportation solutions within the Tampa Bay Region including the possible merger of MPOs.

Clearwater Beach to TIA Express – Support PSTA’s FDOT grant funding request of $2.1M for TIA to Clearwater Beach Express service.  

Emerging Technology - Advocate for emerging technologies and, to build a regional system that can solve today’s problems and is ready for the challenges of the coming decades.

Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) – Support legislation that would remove the Federal PFC cap which will allow airports to have the flexibility to invest locally generated funding into FAA approved capital improvement projects.

Regional Fare Box – Support funding for a regional fare system that will serve the entire Tampa Bay region.


Redevelopment  - Support changes to local government ordinances to facilitate infill redevelopment and reflect the urban nature of our community.

Downtown clearwater ULI Recommendations - Support implementation of Urban Land Institute Recommendations for Downtown Redevelopment

IMAGINE CLEARWATER- Monitor the progression of the Imagine Clearwater redevelopment plan and continue to support the project that ensures a vibrant downtown and waterfront.

Downtown Post Office - Monitor the Progression of the Historic Downtown Post Office and continue to advocate for the proper adaptive reuse of the property.

North Marina Master Plan – Monitor the progression of the North Marina Master Plan and advocate for a plan that ensures economic vitality in the area.

sales tax - Support the reduction or elimination of sales tax for commercial properties.

Flood Insurance Reform - Support extending the reforms of the federal flood insurance program to business properties and owner-occupied second homes, ensuring that these properties receive the same relief already provided to residential properties and single-family homes.

DOL Overtime Regulations – Advocate for a possible stall in the implantation of the new overtime regulations and advocate for a solution that includes a gradual increase in the overtime threshold. 

Worker’s Compensation  - Monitor the upcoming changes to worker’s compensation rates and advocate for a possible legislative remediation.  


Support the business and training organizations, community based organization, private and for-profit training providers, community colleges and others to help increase the opportunity for technical and vocational training programs across our region.  

Monitor and advocate for St. Petersburg College to be able to continue to offer bachelor’s degrees.

Increase funding of programs administered by Pinellas County Schools and local technical institutions that are focused on workforce development specifically Pinellas Technical College (PTC) programs and trade development programs.

  • Extending the “High Tech Corridor” from Tampa through Clearwater—to include high-tech education and development locally.
  • Partnering with FSU and USF to attract talent to the local business community.
  • Working with SPC and PTC to provide ‘job ready’ training and internship opportunities to local students.
  • Connecting the business community with local high schools to generate awareness and interest in students for careers that do not require a traditional college education.


Support and Facilitate Increased Tourism throughout the State and County  - Continue adequate state funding of Visit Florida to ensure our state’s continued competitiveness in the area of tourism-oriented marketing.

Sports Tourism - Provide State and local incentives to encourage the growth and development of organized sporting events and competitions at all levels and the retention of baseball spring training in our community.

Bed TAX  - Monitor and advocate for the appropriate allocation of bed tax funds that allows for the continued marketing of our destination as well as pertinent capital projects.


Create an environment in where all members of the community are active in state, county, and local government. Allow for an inclusive atmosphere that lets all members of a community participate in work force development, economic development, environmental concerns, transportation input, and any issues relating to the community.


Advocate for safe environmental practices such as water conservation, recycling and waste reduction, air quality, clean energy and protection of threatened and endangered species.

WATER CONSERVATION - Educate people on the ways they can reduce their water consumption while being indoors and outdoors.

RECYCLING AND WASTE REDUCTION - Inform individuals on which materials can be recycled and advocate for that option when available to limit waste.

AIR QUALITY - Encourage carpooling and ridesharing options to reduce the pollution in the air.

CLEAN ENERGY - Explore renewable energy options to allow for clean energy alternatives.

PROTECTION OF THREATENED AND ENDANGERED SPECIES - Protect the animals and plants that are threatened with extinction.    

Offshore Drilling - Oppose any change to the existing federal or state laws that would expand offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.


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